Ayurveda teaches us to cherish our innate-nature, i.e., “to love and honor who we are” – not as what people think or tell us, “who we should be.”

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“This cook book will become your bible in eating!!  The fresh ingredients, the complex layering of flavors will tantalize your tongue while satisfying your hunger.  I met Shazia through Yoga, her spiritual essences resonates in her grounded teaching and practice of her meditative Yoga, which overflows to her cooking.  Shazia has a gift of bringing all of herself in to the kitchen to create delicious, healthy, and vegetarian meals, in the Ayurvedic cooking style.  I have been fortune to attend her cooking classes first hand and I am always thoroughly satisfied.  I have personally tasted many of the dishes in this book and I prepare Kitchari often since it has become a favorite of mine.  Shazia has traveled the world and has tasted many cuisines; this makes her, in my opinion, an amazing chef.  Shazia truly has a talent of transforming simple vegetarian meals in to full blown flavorful eating experience…then you add her knowledge of Ayurveda and you get a priceless cook book that you will cherish.” ~Tina Singelakis-Bandy. Oceanside, CA  


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