Testimonials: What people are saying…

“I took semi-private and private yoga lessons from Shazia for 2.5 years. I was appreIMG_6948 smallhensive about taking yoga due to my size being over 100 pounds overweight. Shazia’s gentle acceptance put me at total ease during my yoga practice. Her attention, knowledge and her insight of ways to accommodate my body using props during and through asanas (postures) opened up my body to energy and flexibility that I never knew possible. Back, knee and foot pain are things of the past. Now, 5 years later, yoga has changed my life and I owe most of it to my initial years of practice with Shazia’s guidance. I am now comfortable walking in to any beginning or mid-level class using props and accommodations with ease. Thank you, Shazi! Much love and light to you.” ~Maria Streib. Carlsbad, CA

“What an Awesome yoga therapy workshop you put on yesterday! Thank you! Thank you! Loads and loads of lower back fixers, hip openers, muscle anatomy, pranayama, and more. So much great info. There sure is a lot of knowledge in that pretty head of yours”. ~Linda Mackay. Delmar, CA

“My husband and I have taken private yoga lessons in our home from Shazia for few years now.  We are both part of the Medicare set. Shaz has been a true gift to us.  She comes to our home once a week and starts each class with, “How do you feel?” meaning “What hurts?” At our ages there is always something.  We begin our yoga with stretches to help loosen those places that hurt.  We then move on to other stretches and poses. If this all sounds very easy, believe me, I am sore when we are finished but it is a good sore.  Every class is based on our requests and “what hurts”. It may include breathing exercises, gentle poses, restorative poses, mindfulness, meditation, always ending with her healing hands releasing tension during shavasana.  Shaz has a wonderful personality and has truly become part of our lives.  I say, and mean it, I can’t imagine the time will come when we won’t take yoga from Shazia. She’s just that good!” ~Pam Whitaker. Carlsbad, CA

“Shazia has been critical in my journey back to health after a bad accident that happened to me early last year. Her in- depth knowledge of yoga therapy and yoga to gain strength was key to me getting healthy again. She pays attention to every member in her class and helps them with their specific needs in each class. She is like no other instructor I have been able to find. I have been injured several times over the past decade and Shazia by far has helped me re-gain my mobility and strength the fastest.
Shazia is incredible! She knows how to set up her classes where people gain strength and flexibility without having to constantly modify. She sets up a sequence of exercises where the body is still protected yet is getting a great work out at the same time. Shazia knows best how to help those who have injuries or office jobs”.  ~ C.T. San Diego, CA. 

“Shazia is a warm and deeply knowledgeable yogini… Oceanside, you are so lucky to have her warmth and graciousness to lead you to deep stillness and opening…I hope everyone discovers her abundance”.  ~Maria Young. Almaeda, CA

“You have no idea Shazia what you do/teach! When I started restorative/gentle yoga with you, it was just for the stretching to help with my running but you taught me that restorative is so much more than stretching and how much I need to slow down in my life. Thank you for what you do and for allowing me to be part of it!” ~Amy Soresen, Carlsbad, CA.

“I so appreciate the gifts you share so freely and threads of wisdom you pass on to others through your yoga and meditation classes. You have a special gift that is meant to be shared with others. I was paying attention in your Ayurveda class; it truly rekindled mindfulness in handling oils in my own cooking”. ~Nancy Dickerson, Carlsbad, CA.

Thank you again for yin class. It was deeply restorative and I so enjoyed your playing of the singing bowls; I felt enveloped in light throughout the class. ~Nancy Dickerson, Carlsbad, CA.

“I appreciate you Shazia. And I am glad that you are in my life. Your knowledge, wisdom, grace, wit and service make my life better.” ~Marie Andreone, Carlsbad, CA.

“WOW! I loved the day and the foods you showed me! I feel so much better – I know it’s the food. I slept deeply – and all night – a rarity for me. You have inspired me to stop drinking coffee and start drinking tea. It is so much kinder to the body. I just can’t tell you how much I loved everything you made! You are the Goddess of spices, for sure!” ~Cristy Potter. Oceanside, CA

“I have been meaning to thank you for all the lunch time restorative yoga sessions . I wanted to let you know that I practice daily at home using what I have learned from you. I started class to find some relief from a back injury suffered while in the Navy. I now see my practice not as simply relief, but as a way to heal my body. I am taking what I learned and have added a daily Vipassana meditation practice as well. Thank you so much.” ~Keith Nichols. Carlsbad, CA

“I had a very wonderful, relaxing day with Shazia at the “Yoga and Ayurveda Rejuvenation Day-Retreat”. I really enjoyed the restorative yoga and meditation. Afterwards I felt very light and calm, my mind was rested. It’s good to be able to slow down and totally rest and relax using poses and props, this day was completely beautiful, just what I needed. The food was incredibly delicious, Shazia’s homemade dates will leave you wanting more.  I look forward to the next retreat.” ~Nadia Glyn Goldbert. Carlsbad, CA & New Zealand

“You taught me how to take under-used and often over-cooked vegetables and turn them in to absolutely delicious, healthy and easy-to-make meals!  The quinoa with butternut squash and kale was like a symphony in my mouth! My absolute favorite! Additionally, your teaching methods reminded me of how my dad taught me to cook-guided, but inventive and creative. I felt perfectly “at home” in your class. I can’t wait for the next one!!!” ~Meg Pioszak. Oceanside, CA 

“Cooking and learning from a cook book is okay, going to one of Shazia’s classes to witness the process, participate in it and enjoy what was cooked is amazing! Shazia is full of knowledge when it comes to spices, herbs, veggies and oils and of course their ayurvedic significance and use. I can recommend these classes to anyone, it’s fun and yummy!!!” ~Birgit Ehle. San Diego, CA

“I didn’t have a chance to tell you but I so needed this evening…I came to class with a heavy heart in need of forgiveness in my life and left lighter and feeling good. Thank you Shazia!! I look forward to your classes and how they will be times of peace during this time!!” ~Tina Singelakis-Bandy. Oceanside, CA

“Shazia, You and Prana are magical. Thank you both . . . I feel so good today – better than I have felt – maybe ever! Love, love, loved the (CranioYoga) workshop!” ~Cris Potter. Oceanside, CA

“Thank you for coming into my world. I felt wonderful last night after yin class and look forward to seeing you”.  ~Nicole J. Oceanside, CA

“I want to take this chance to let you know how great Shazia is. She really takes her time with everyone in the class. She get’s everyone to let her know what specifically they would like to work on beforehand and then we do just that. I would highly recommend that anyone take her class. Also, my doc said that I was the easiest delivery she ever had? I attribute it to my prenatal yoga practice with Shazia!” ~April Edwards. Oceanside, CA

“Yin Yoga with Shazia last night was a new experience for me! My hips are thanking me!” ~Torrey J. Oceanside, CA

“Thank you for the delicious Yin Yoga yesterday! It was wonderful, just what I needed!” ~Mia Taylor. Oceanside, CA

“When was the last time your mind was at rest? CranioYoga releases muscles deep in my body to reconnect with serenity and calm. No ‘work’ on my part except to let go and allow Prana and Shazia to guide me gently back to the center.” ~Debbe McCall. Temecula, CA

“Thank you Shazia for a great yoga session!! I was lucky enough to have a private lesson with some advanced poses. Perfect! You always know how to balance my day and find strength. Glad you are in my life! Love. thanks!” ~Carol Zatlokowicz. Escondido, CA

“I will recommend the (CranioYoga) workshop to all of my friends and clients. Personally, I don’t think you should change a thing. The readings were perfect. Your application of the oils was amazing, and your care in putting me in the right position left me feeling nurtured, relaxed and peaceful. I am blissed out! It was FABULOUS! Worth every penny! Ten out of ten! Thanks. Namaste.” ~Helen Gray. San Diego, CA

“Thank you for thinking of me. I so enjoyed getting to know you. You are such a wonderful person with calming and kind energy. Thanks for your caring during my difficult time.” ~Sandy R. San Diego, CA

“I just wanted to thank you for taking time to talk to me when I came in. The world is very busy and sometimes all that is needed is for someone to lighten the load of another person is to take a moment and listen to the song of that person’s heart. Thank you. Thank you for sharing the chart with me. I will be visiting again, so I will stop in to see you.”~ Kathy K. Pennsylvania